I’m a summa cum laude graduate of the Barrett Honors College at Arizon State University with BAs in Religious Studies and History.  I’m the recipient of the National Merit Scholarship, a published writer, and a humanities teacher at the Attic, a local alternative school.  I’m currently a student in the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education program at the University of Washington.

About Brandon

In a more personable vein, I hail from Wisconsin, read constantly, and nurture foolishly optimistic hopes of leading a velvet revolution in American reading, math, and social studies education.

I’ve taught in UW’s Comparative History of Ideas Program and a gifted/talented program at Arizona State. I’ve been described as “a natural teacher.” I’ve earned nearly perfect scores on my SAT (800 Verbal, 790 Math) and GRE (730 Verbal, 800 Quant, 5.5 Writing), and am attempting to re-boot the test-prep industry, which seems hopelessly mired in the educational psychology of the 1940s.

My working motto is “many fingers, many pies.” Among other idiosyncratic pursuits, I’m forging a college-preparatory curriculum for high school humanities and social sciences, helping design a school building, writing a book (Study for the SAT without Selling Your Soul or Losing Your Mind: A Guide for the Perplexed), and designing a line of baby clothes printed with realistic dinosaurs.  In graduate school, I’m trying to come to terms with the best ideas in education, past and present.

I’m also moderately obsessed with evolutionary and cognitive psychology, the origins of mass schooling, the social effects of technology, intercultural theories of child-rearing, religious philosophy, paleontology, and first-century history.  I consider it a dull day if I haven’t scribbled down at least one potentially life-altering idea.

On top of all this, my wife and I are very new and inexperienced parents to our first-born son James.  It’s so much harder than we ever thought anything could be.  Any and all advice is very welcomed.

I make delicious, if basic, sushi, and enjoy the occasional game of Killer Uno: once you go Killer, you’ll never go back.  I’ve given up all attempts to grow a beard… mostly.

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