Brandon made an amazing connection with my son that I haven’t seen with any of his other teachers-he worked twice as hard on his SAT prep as on any of his other projects.

—Tracy, Capitol Hill


North American schools are based on appealing ideas that don’t work.

  • They conflate deep knowledge with parroted information.
  • They trade rich understanding for soulless research skills.
  • They depict the world as dull and already figured out.
  • They believe powerful, subtle reasoning develops naturally.

Schools fail to regularly produce excited, bright, capable students because they’re built on insufficient ideas.

Our calling is to spread the best education to the most people. Our work draws on the best of educational progressivism and traditionalism, and is grounded in the cognitive sciences:

  • By discovering the awesomeness of subject-matter, students can become passionate learners.  We reveal the grandness of the world that schools hide.
  • By connecting to ‘the best that has been thought and said,’ students can imagine richly and reason clearly.  We pass along humanity’s most compelling stories and discoveries.
  • By understanding the peculiarities of cognition, students can swiftly gain deeper understanding of math, reading, writing, and history.  We craft cognitive tools to make being smart easier.

Ultimately, we want to steer American education toward the wonderment of the world and toward the expert training of the mind.  This coaching venture is the first stage of that.

If you would like to know more about our philosophy, or join in the movement, contact us and share your story.

About Brandon

I’m a summa cum laude graduate of the Barrett Honors College at Arizon State University with BAs in Religious Studies and History.  I’m the recipient of the National Merit Scholarship, a published writer, and a humanities teacher at the Attic, a local alternative school.  I’m currently a student in the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education program at the University of Washington.

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