I wish I had taken this course as a freshman — it would have changed the entire course of my undergraduate education.

– Penelope, UW Honors senior

Geniuses are made, not born. By working with (not against) your brain, you can fill your gaps, master new material, and remember it forever.

Schools don’t teach you how to master math.

What? Isn’t that a bit harsh?

No: Each student spend over two thousand hours laboring over math, and yet many honor roll juniors can’t add fractions or solve a creative reasoning problem. But that’s because our schools don’t understand the brain. When you see how exactly how talent is created, you can systematically build mathematical genius.

So you’re a ‘math person’, huh?

No – not at all! I avoided everything mathy in college, couldn’t calculate an integral to save my life, and still tense up when it’s time to split the restaurant bill. But because of the expert study system I’ve designed, I can get a perfect 800 on the SAT Math, and show you how to impressively improve your score .


The secret: identify and fill your weaknesses, learn every K-12 concept by heart, and then apply them to impossibly difficult problems. Essentially, you make as many mistakes as you can, as quickly as you can, and mine each for insight.

Will this help me in my math class at school?

Yes! Math builds: trig is built on geometry, which is built on algebra, which is built on arithmetic. Students struggle largely because schools let the fundamentals evaporate.

The SAT, however, tests “the beautiful basics of math” – it demands you know the fundamentals so deeply that you can creatively apply them to new situations. This system gives direct training in both aspects of that.

Lessons are $100 for a custom-tailored 1.5 hour session. I generally meet students at the Starbucks in Kirkland’s Juanita Village, but occasionally trek out to Seattle and Mercer Island. Write me (Brandon) at seattleSATcoaching@gmail.com with questions, or to set up a free initial consultation.

“I’ve learned more math in the last week than I have in all of high school.” –Madison, South Lake Union

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