Brandon made an amazing connection with my son that I haven’t seen with any of his other teachers-he worked twice as hard on his SAT prep as on any of his other projects.

—Tracy, Capitol Hill

Test-prep as college-prep. Grounded in cognitive science, this course trains you to read more powerfully, write more incisively, and problem solve more perceptively.

“A different kind of SAT coaching”

How can you build genius like muscle?
How can you leap past panic and befuddlement?
How can you lock in everything you learn – forever?

I can help you substantially improve your SAT score.

I’ve mastered the SAT.  In high school, I scored only 10 points away from a perfect score.  After graduating summa cum laude from an honors college , I’ve spent years crafting lessons in reading, math, and writing to create the most powerful prep program possible.

My first private student improved his score 290 points, and went on to Harvard.  Other recent students have improved by 290 and 320 points.

I’m rebooting SAT prep, bringing it in line with cognitive science.  Once you understand how your brain learns, you can build skill fast.

I don’t teach tricks: I help build genius. The work students do with me improves their talent in reading, writing, and math.  Test prep is college prep.

Most importantly, this is fun! I couldn’t make this my life if I weren’t excited to teach the beautiful basics of math, the joys of close reading, and the weird sociology of grammar.  I thrill in helping students pull apart words, dissect formulas, and diagram sentences.  The life of the mind is wonderful, and it’s my delight to help students enter it.

Lessons are $100 for an intense 1.5-2 hour session.  I generally meet students at the Starbucks in Juanita Village (northern Kirkland).   Write me (Brandon) at with questions, or to set up a free initial consultation.

If you’re interested in learning more clearly how we might attack the particular sections of the SAT, check out my approaches to SAT Critical Reading, SAT Math, and SAT Writing!

Have a Specific Question?

I’d love to meet you in a free, 1-hour consultation.  I can answer your questions, & give you a sense of what I can help you accomplish.

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