What You’ll be able to do…

I teach you to eat books.

Upon finishing this class, you will read better.  You’ll be a stronger, more flexible, and more intelligent reader.  More specifically, you’ll be able to –

speed-read texts around twice as quickly as you do now

make sense of totally new words, slicing them apart into prefixes, roots, and suffixes

stay awake when you read, turning reading into a conversation with the author

attack a book, quickly grasping its thesis and major arguments

simplify convoluted sentences, turning unwieldy beasts like:”By contrast, the media did everything in its power to build up and sustain the beatific myth of John F. Kennedy, throughout his life and long after his death, until it finally collapsed in ruins under the weight of incontrovertible evidence,” into “The media did every to sustain the myth of JFK, until it collapsed.”

approach every text with a plan, deciding how to fit your reading strategy to your needs

The skills learned here strengthen the reading you do in and out of school, and will improve your scores on standardized tests.

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