Why This Class?

Students are not taught to read.

After teaching simple decoding skills in 1st-4th grade, schools cease to formally teach comprehension.  Students are expected to further build skill on their own.  Some, those who enjoy reading and constantly seek out challenging texts, do.  Others, the great majority, don’t.  Their mastery remains slipshod, and they struggle in high school, on standardized tests, and in college.

But reading is a skill, like anything else: an especially complex skill, but one that can be built by focused practice.

The class pushes students to the limits of their comprehension ability, because it’s at the edge of ability that talent is developed.  The class also provides coaching: a dedicated instructor who moves from student to student, diagnosing troubles and recommending solutions.

Schools don’t provide it, and college requires it.  I’m proud to teach reading at the highest level.

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