Studying for Math on the SAT

Schools don’t train you to master math.

Isn’t that a bit harsh?

Students spend over two thousand classroom hours studying math, and yet many honor roll juniors can’t add fractions.  International tests consistently report a math gap between the U.S. and countries like Japan, Germany, and China.

But that’s because our schools don’t understand the brain. When you see how math skill depends on long- and short-term memory, and when you know exactly how talent is created, you can systematically build math abilities.


So you’re a “math person”?

Actually, not at all!  I didn’t study anything mathy in college, couldn’t calculate an integral to save my own life, and still tense up when it’s time to split the restaurant bill.  But because of the expert study system I’ve designed, I can get a perfect 800 on the SAT Math, and I can show you how to massively improve your score.


How does that work?

The secret: understand how much your memory sucks, and drill into hard problems. You’ll fill all your conceptual ‘holes’, focus on the problems you can’t do, and mine them for all the insight you can.


Will this help my schoolwork?

Yes!  Math builds: trigonometry is built on geometry, which is built on algebra, which is built on arithmetic.  Students struggle largely because school has let the fundamentals evaporate.

The SAT, however, tests “the beautiful basics of math”.  It demands you deeply know the fundamentals and can apply that knowledge in new ways.  You’ll master the basics, and will be freed to focus on the new ideas in class.

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